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gabriel glass standart wildcrafted wines
gabriel glass standart wildcrafted wines
gabriel glass standart
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Gabriel-Glas StandArt Wine Glass


  • A one for all wine vessel
  • Elegant yet seamless for durability
  • 8 ounce capacity


Gabriel-Glas is the brainchild of the well-known Swiss/German wine critic René Gabriel.  While authoring the German version of The Wine Bible (Wein Bibel), he was seeking a glass with the ideal shape for tasting each style of wine. 

Not finding a glass that performed to his requirements, he created Gabriel-Glas, a “universal” lead-free crystal glass elegantly shaped to fully express the wine it delivers.

The StandArt glass is machine molded with a wider base at the bottom of the glass and a conical shape at the top, designed to “drive” the bouquet and flavors of wine. The glass is wonderfully balanced, durable yet elegant, space saving, and dishwasher safe.     

Regular price $32.00

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