Featured Fabulous Winemakers

What makes Wildcrafted Wines special is thirty years of creating, nurturing and celebrating relationships with winemakers in Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, Oregon and more. These are the people that allow us to put bottles on your dinner table and be a part of special moments when you gift our wines. Each of these winemakers is extremely skilled at their craft and cares immensely for the environment. We like to introduce you to some of our winemakers, so you can get to know them as we have over all these years:

Jacqueline Yoakum

Jacqueline Yoakum 

Jacqueline began her winemaking career in New York. She came to California to study at UC Davis and received her Master’s in Viticulture and Oenology. She has worked for iconic Sonoma and Napa labels Stags Leap Wine Cellars, Joseph Phelps, Schramsberg and Littorai to hone her craft. She is the consulting winemaker for Italics, Greggarious, Buhman, and Magnus. We are pleased to carry her meticulously crafted wines. 

Celia Welch

Celia Welch

Celia is a legendary winemaker. 
She is no stranger to accolades--in 2006, she was listed as a 'Top 10 Tastemaker' which was followed by a Food & Wine 'Winemaker of the Year' award in 2008. She's a 100 point winemaker and has been inducted to the Winemaker's Hall of Fame.
We are thrilled to have her as a part of
the Wildcrafted Wines family.

Rebekah Wineburg

Rebekah Wineburg

Rebekah Wineburg is a 100 point winemaker, having gained that status for her work at Bucella. She has made exceptional wine for Rudd Estate as well and is currently the head winemaker at Quinessa. 
Post & Vine is her private project along with her partner Erica Kincaid. We are honored to carry the Post & Vine line of organically farmed wines as a testament to terroir and history and
a fabulous winemaker.


Nori Nakamura

Nori, a native of Japan, discovered his love of wine on a trip to Italy, where a Barbaresco changed his life. Earning his Japan Sommelier Certificate, he headed to San Francisco working for Nikko hotels. His passion tugged though and led him to winemaking positions at Artesa, Pine Ridge, Silenus and Larsen Family. Noria is his own project dedicated to wine crafted in the tradition of sake - elegant and refined to pair with delicate cuisine.

Gallegos Wines Mexican American winemakers

Gallegos Family - Mexican American Winemakers and Grapegrowers

Discover 3rd Generation vintner winemakers who learned from their fathers and grandfathers that emigrated from Mexico. Love of the land is key. Growing up in Napa and farming some of the Valley's highest end grapes, now Eric and Ignacio prove that great wine always begins in the vineyard


Melissa Apter Castro

A Bay area native, the wineries of Napa were like Melissa’s backyard growing up. But it was studying abroad in Italy that unleashed her desire to make winemaking her life. After a degree from UC Davis and internships in Australia and Italy, she rose through the ranks at global group Antinori to become head winemaker of the Napa Valley estate on Atlas Peak. She was named one of the top seven winemakers in 2016 and is now leading Metzker Family Estates where she has total creativity to imprint her incredible style on small production wines.