Single mom supplementing her income
Engaged!  (five kids total!)
AP Capstone teacher at Troy School District in Michigan (one of the top public high schools in the nation)
Freelancer: featured Thanksgiving Day for Project Happiness also recently published by ADDitude Magazine
Creative Content Producer for Millennium Magazine (website write-ups and social media features) as a growing influencer and lifestyle blogger
Nominated for Troy School District Teacher of the Year

Meg Foster loves Jaqueline Yoakum Pinot Noir

It started out as a hobby, born of a love of writing and a shift in life. “Writing has always been healing for me and I quietly began a blog, called ‘Meg in the Mid,’ on Wordpress,” said THS AP Capstone teacher, Meg Foster. At the time, Foster didn’t have a firm handle on social media or freelance writing but began submitting her blogs to various periodicals for guest publication.  Her first acceptance was for ADDitude magazine.

Project Happiness, a non-profit organization that “empowers people to create greater well-being within themselves and the world” accepted her next submission, a Thanksgiving Day-themed blog on gratitude entitled "Let's Talk Turkey—Gratitude Gravy." The blog went live on 11/22/2018, to rave reviews.

Foster was then contacted by a publisher from New York City, inviting her to use her voice and blog personality to write lifestyle reviews on social media.  Then Millenium Magazine asked her to be CREATIVE CONTENT PRODUCER. Millennium is a high-end, New York-based magazine that is read by local, regional and a growing national and international audience.

“I would have never had this opportunity had I not ‘put myself out there.’” But perhaps the best lesson of all was that Foster heeded the advice she gives to her own students, that taking risks and pursuing your passions can open new doors. “My intention is to show them through action how to overcome obstacles, feel inspiration, utilize their talents, collaborate, and share their voices with the world, with purpose and mindfulness.” You could say Meg started out in the mid, but now the sky is the limit. ( and

Meg adores Pinot, and all wines, really, especially shared with her Michigan friends.