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for wine lovers, by wine insiders

High quality, sustainably farmed wines, with as much personality as the members we share them with. 

The bottles we choose are special - created by independent vintners and as passion projects by famous winemakers - making them hard to find anywhere else. We curate all wine club boxes ourselves, so you interact with real people, not quizzes or algorithms to determine your preferences. We get to know you, so the wine delivered is a perfect fit. Welcome to our family. 



Based on your preferences, choose from one of three wine club membership options.

windcrafted wine club


Before your wine is ready to ship, we’ll let you know which wines we’ll be sending. We welcome any swaps you want to make.



Whether it’s a gift or for yourself, have wine delivered with zero hassle and no shipping costs.


Exclusive Wines

Tasting Notes & Pairing Details

Special Offers

No Membership Fees

Shipping Included

Pickups Available


Increase your knowledge!

  • 6  bottles (4 if collector wines incl)
  • 2x a year
  • $249* per shipment
  • *Work with us to make the perfect selection. Or trust us to choose.


A wine for every mood.

  • 3 bottles
  • 2x a year
  • $129* per shipment
  • One white, one red, one rosé - OR all Red club (2-3 bottles)


Wines to impress.

  • 2-3 bottles
  • 2x a year
  • $199* per shipment
  • Rare & highly rated wines
  • Our finest selections



Thank you for delivering my wine. Our experience with this wine and winemaker was truly special. I am grateful for you!


Love this company! Best service, best wines


I also appreciate the wonderful service I received from Laura and Terry. Living on the east coast, it is rare to find wines from cult winemakers. This is such a treat for me. Thank you so much for the terrific service and wines!


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Wine Club memberships make the perfect gift for
both novices and collectors alike.

Our members use our clubs as a way to connect with children and grandchildren,
as special surprises for their best friends, secret santa gifts, or as treat for themselves -
to enjoy with a book and a bath. 



Why join our club?

Exclusivity - These wines are one-of-a-kind and limited run. Many of them are passion projects from famous winemakers that never end up in stores. This is your only way to try these exquisite wines.
Learn more about wine - The wine world is a wondrous place with so much nuance. Joining a wine club is the perfect way to get to know the various varietals that exist and what works for your palate.
Make memories - The delight that comes with opening a shipment of wine delivered straight to your door is second to none. Share that joy with loved ones or keep them all to yourself, your choice.
Save time & money - We’ve all opened a bottle of wine after purchasing and realized it doesn’t quite meet our liking. With all of our Wine Club memberships, we work with you to send wines based on your preferences. We know the options are overwhelming, so we do the heavy lifting and save you time in the wine aisle. 

Can I reorder wines I love?

Due to the exclusive nature and limited production of our wines, reorders are subject to availability. 

What's included?

Depending on the membership you choose, your subscription will include anywhere from 1-6 exclusive wines, mailed directly to you twice a year. In your shipment, you’ll also find information about the winemakers, tasting and pairing notes. Also included in our Wine Club is complimentary concierge services. Have a question about any of the wines or happen to be visiting the Napa Valley area? Give us a call and we’d be happy to guide you.

Is shipping included?

Yes, with any Wildcrafted Wine club, shipping is on us. We want you to enjoy your wines hassle free. If we are unable to ship to your state we will let you know to make other shipping arrangements.

Is there a cancellation process?

For cancellations, we request 30 days notice prior to the next scheduled shipment. 

Still have questions?

We believe there is no true replacement for the personal touch - please contact us at 707-948-6078 or email info@travelfood.com to chat about your wine preferences.

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