Have Your Wine and Eat it Too!

Have Your Wine and Eat it Too!
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Summertime is dinner party season, and every good host knows that the key to a great party is free-flowing wine.  And when wine is incorporated into the meal? Even better.

With the help of recipes from Bon Appetit Magazine, we've put together a delicious menu for a 3-course meal with a perfect Travelfood wine to incorporate into each recipe. Feel free to sip along while you're cooking, no one has to know but us.

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Happy Hosting, 
Laura and Terry

Noria Sauvignon Blanc Nori wildcraftedwines.com Travelfood Curated Wines  

Welcome Drink: 
Noria Sauvignon Blanc 

Everything is better with a glass of wine in hand. To welcome your guests, we recommend presenting them with a glass of our Noria Sauvignon Blanc. It has bright aromas of grapefruit, lime, pear, lychee, and a touch of lemongrass and pistachio.

An elegant and delicate wine that was made to be paired with food, it's sure to leave a positive first impression and get everyone relaxed and mingling. ($24.00)

Appetizer Course: Mussels With White Wine


(image courtesy of Bon Appetit Magazine)

Nothing brings people together like breaking bread, dunking it into a scrumptious white wine broth, and getting your hands a little dirty. So, we've chosen one of our best selling wines to add flavor to this crowd-pleasing appetizer.


With aromas of heirloom citrus and floral notes, Greggarious Pinot Gris screams summer and will have everyone wondering, quite literally, what your secret sauce is. ($18.00)

Main Course: Lamb Shoulder with Citrus-Fennel Salad


(image courtesy of Bon Appetit Magazine)



It's been a hot summer, so we're keeping it light yet satisfying with this lamb dish that calls for white wine. That's why we've chosen Laura's favorite pick of the season, the Arrowflite Chardonnay. It has notes of zesty citrus and apple which is why it makes for the perfect complement to the citrus-fennel salad.

This chard is light and buttery and will add a refreshing touch of nuance to this dish., leaving your guests with no choice but to grab seconds.  ($14.99)


Dessert Course: Pear Pie with Red Wine and Rosemary

VDH LH Zinfandel

Sweet, smooth, and rich. That's how we like our dessert and our dessert wine. So naturally, we've paired this Pear Pie with the Van Der Hayden Late Harvest Zinfandel which delivers just that - decadent flavors of chocolate, plum, dark berry, with a lovely oak infused vanilla that perfectly complement the cinnamon and rosemary in the pie.
Bet you can't eat just one bite. ($25.00)
VDH LH Zinfandel

Are you hungry (thirsty) yet?

And there you have it, folks! A delicious, wine-filled three-course meal, that is sure to leave your guests satiated, and more importantly, seriously impressed. While you're still dreaming of this dinner, grab the bottles you need today.

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