Wine in a Can in a cold fridge

A wine fridge is essential to collectors and wine lovers that want to keep wine at the proper temperature. And humidity.
I’ve spent 30 years in the wine business and had my share of wine coolers AKA fridge. From high end European “caves” to online specials that work wonderful.
What to know: Buy quality, read the reviews, know the noise level of the thing if you are keeping it indoors. I once had a large cabinet in the garage – no glass doors on that one as it would have burnt out from the heat.
If you can afford it, get a two zone temperature control so your white wines can stay cooler than the reds. Otherwise recall your science – heat rises, cool air sinks so store those expensive reds on the bottom.
Lately, I’ve been getting into wine in cans. That’s a bit of switch up for my fridges made for standard wine bottles. Came across this Honeywell mini fridgethat is perfect for cans and a few wine bottles too. Aesthetics and function are important for me so I like the UV resistant glass door and stainless trim. 
It’s a pretty cool mini fridge now go pop the top of your favorite wine in a can and enjoy.

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