Agriculture is Essential. Wine is Ag.

Agriculture is Essential. Wine is Ag.

We’re grateful to all who are keeping our industry strong.  As an agricultural product, grapes and the production of wine have been deemed essential.  We thank everyone who makes that happen, from farmers and winemakers, to those working in production, to those who move wine and gear to our facilities, and those that bring it to your door.  To all, we say “thank you.” 
While the production of wine goes on, a big question the industry is facing is how to keep the small producers going, since they are dependent on intimate face to face visits in their tasting rooms, which are closed.  As most of you know, that’s our focus, getting the wines of the small producers to you.
In these trying times you may be seeking some relief by enjoying a nice glass of wine, or sending someone you care about a few bottles.  We’ve been monitoring our industry, and realize that if you do venture out to make a purchase, you will find major brands no doubt. They have the marketing and logistics muscle. The small, independent producer can't really compete there.
If we can be of help, our on-line business is open, our supply chain is strong, and delivery to your home or office (if open) remains our focus.

Our website ( now offers 50 products from 25 different vintners, all selected for their craftsmanship and high quality.  All made by men and women whose names are recognized throughout California, some throughout the states, and others internationally.  If you would like assistance in choosing, you can reach us at 707 948-6078 or Most prices include ground shipping.
If you’re looking for a quick recommendation, we’ve  been really enjoying the following:

And two new hand-picked vintners just added this past month:
  •          Markus & Joey Insieme (intense flavorful white varietal)
  •          C. G. Di Arie Reds (extremely well priced from a flavor savant!)

Here's a  collection of all of the wines we carry. Each Has A Story to Tell!
Scroll Through to Find Beauties for the Spring and Summer before temperatures rise. 

Wine Club Members
Thank you for your continued support.  Hopefully you’ve had a chance to crack open the spring shipment, and if you discovered something that you enjoyed, let us know if you’d like a few more bottles.

Also, while all of us are hunkered down, we’re offering our club members an additional 10% off all orders.  Call or email us to secure the offer.  Our online system is smart enough to recognize our members, but not as passionate and we love hearing from you: 707 948-6078 or
Be well, stay safe, and do share the way you enjoy wine during these historic times.  We encourage you to keep us with us on Instagram for videos, info and lots of fun. 

Terry and Laura 

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