Collecting Wines For The Apocalypse

Collecting Wines For The Apocalypse

Have you ever thought about curating a personal collection of wines, but weren't really sure how to start? Don't be intimidated. The easiest way to start is with your first bottle.

Find a space in your basement or one of your closets where you can stash some wine boxes or put in some small racks. An interior closet or space with a consistent temperature year-round, away from direct sunlight is your best bet. Extreme temperature swings are your wine's enemy and you may end up with the world's most funky tasting wine collection.

Now that you have your space, it's time to fill it up. Unless you get your wine for free from the Grape Fairy (if you do, please put in a good word), this will take a little while.

We started by adding a “keeper” wine every time we bought a couple of “drinker” wines. This way, we always had wines at the ready to keep the good times rolling and had another one added to the stash for a future event or celebration. Before we knew it, the keepers far outnumbered "drink me now" wines.

You're ready to start, but how do you choose? That's where your friends here at Travelfood Curated Wines emerge from our own cellar.

We have a wonderful selection of wines to choose from. Laura and Terry are ready to answer all of your wine buying and collecting questions. We’ll help you get that wine collection started with your first keeper bottle and many more after that. And we won't let you forget about those "drink me now" wines, either.

Give us a call at 707 948-6078 or email  


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