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Napa Valley Wildfire Update

The love in the air is thicker than smoke!

Buy More Wine!  $1 from each bottle will be donated to wildfire relief efforts!

Many of you have reached out for an update on the fires in Napa and Sonoma. Truth is, there is a lot of damage and many have lost so much. But it looks like we’ve turned a corner. Evacuations have been lifted, people are returning home, the smoke is clearing, both Valleys are recovering….and quickly! 

Around 85% of Napa and Sonoma fruit was harvested before the fires began and it is still believed that these regions should be able to produce an excellent vintage. It will take some time to recover but we are a strong community. Please join us in helping the wildfire relief efforts in this area. In the spirit of giving this season, take a peek at one of several holiday collections below and consider helping donate through each purchase.



The Palace Gift Pack: 3 Wines

Exclusive and rare collection of The Palace 2010 Sauvignon Blanc, 2011 Sauvignon Blanc and 2011 Petite Verdot. Organically farmed. Packed in a 3-pack labelled box. A nice gift for those that appreciate aged wines from one of Napa's top cult winemakers.

$50.00 Sale  Buy Now

Rock Wall Sparkling Wine

Mostly Chardonnay with a splash of Muscat Canelli makes for a wonderful, crisp and dry sparkler. Honeysuckle, pear and apple on the nose with melon, peach and orange blossoms on a creamy finish.

And so affordable! Ladies, the girls love this one but so do the gents. Great for gift giving too. 

$22.00           Buy Now

2014 Yount Ridge EPIC

The newest wine crafted by one of North America's most famous winemakers. This inaugural release is YRC's flagship Cabernet and its only available by allocation through the winery but we have it for you now!

The aromas on this collection-worthy Cabernet are forward and intense. The entry is balanced, soft yet solid. Flavors at the finish show spiced plum and a sweet earthy note, all wrapped in very fine-grained tannins.

$240.00            Buy Now

Music to Taste By
Can music really change what you are tasting? In other words, can certain flavors be brought out in a wine by specific sounds or tempo? There is a lot of new research in the modulation of taste or sonic seasoning that suggests that you might be able to change what you taste by adjusting what you hear.

To match white wine, choose a high tempo and pitch which has been shown to enhance sweet or sour flavors. For red wine, a more smooth melody and low pitch to bring out the full body. So put on some Yo Yo Ma while drinking your Pinot Noir or maybe Taylor Swift with that Rock Wall Sparkling!


For more wines visit Travelfood.com or call us at 707-948-6078 as we prefer the personal touch. Cheers!    

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