October 2017 Napa Valley Harvest Update

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2017 Harvest Update
A few heat spikes impacted grapes this year late in the season, but luckily most whites were harvested. Cooler weather has returned leaving those lovely "Cab is King" grapes to do their proper Napa hang time. For a weekly Play-By-Play visit the Napa Valley Vintners website:  visitnapavalley.com/events/harvest/. If you were in Napa during harvest, we'd love to feature your images. Share, share, share!


Wine Time According to the Moon
The phases of the moon, some think, may affect the wine you are about to open. Now there’s an app for that! Download “When Wine Tastes Best” to determine the best time to open your bottle. Sit back and enjoy a glass of wine from Travelfood.com knowing it’s the perfect time.

Napa Valley Wine Train

A great way to see Fall colors! Take a ride on the iconic 20th century train featuring exceptional views of the most famous vineyards and enjoy some of our wines! Our highly rated and brilliant Yount Ridge Cellars wines are aboard.

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Can music really change what you are tasting? In other words, can certain flavors be brought out in a wine by specific sounds or tempo? We will share our thoughts on this next month.

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