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Travelfood Curated Wines
Small Production, Hard to Find Wines
Travelfood.com is launched!



After almost 30 years in the Napa Valley, Laura and I have finally launched our online retail wine business, TravelFood Curated Wines. It can be found at https://www.travelfood.com.

Our goal is to bring to our friends some of the unique, small production, extraordinary wines produced by some of Napa’s top vintners. Through relationships that we’ve developed over the years, we have access to wines that are not readily available to the wine lover. They are produced in such small quantities that they are only offered to locals and acquaintances. Most are produced by top winemakers, using grapes from the best Napa vineyards. 

There are over 800 wine brands coming from the Napa Valley alone. Some are names that you hear or see daily in your local shops and restaurants. Those brands produce up to a million cases each year. The wines we represent typically produce no more than 200 cases of any single varietal, meaning that you will not see these wines in your area. Some of our winemakers work, or worked, for these larger brands but we carry their private label. Some are farmers who sell their grapes to these companies and occasionally keep some of their own and hire an industry recognized winemaker to make it. Others are up and coming and all are Federally and State licensed, as are we.

Laura and I seek out these unique wines, so that we can make them available to you. That’s what we do. We are constantly finding new wines, and these days, they often now find us. We only represent wines that we feel you will enjoy. Our reputation is on the line with every wine you try.

Take a look at the site (http://www.travelfood.com). Every wine has a story. We make regular updates to the wines available and often have extraordinary deals. Some of you may have experienced the $5 Sauvignon Blanc by one of Napa’s top cult winemakers, or the $10 Lucy Goose Chardonnay that came from a family farming in the valley for over 150 years. Or the Spring Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon for $80, when comparable wines sell for over $300.

From the start we have felt the personal touch is the way we want to run our business. So, if you have any questions, or are looking for advice for a wine for yourself, or for a gift, please call us directly at 707 948-6078 or email us: terry@travelfood.com laura@travelfood.com

Thank you for taking the time to read this note, and I hope to hear from you soon, even if it’s just to say hi.


Terry Pilch

Ps. Shipping wine outside California is determined by each state and our website will identify arrangements to be made. Please use discount code PICKUP if you are coming to Napa Valley and want to pick up your wine.



Laura Madonna and Terry Pilch



707.948.6078    m 571.426.7001

(Member Circle of Wine Writers)


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